Hubbub Brewing


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There’s A Hubbub Brewing in Salida

Salida, Colorado. September 15, 2016 ­ Nestled between the towering fourteen thousand foot peaks of the Sawatch Range and the Gold Medal waters designated Arkansas River, Hubbub Brewing is a new production brewery in the outdoor mecca mountain town of Salida, Colorado. A tasting room and beer garden will feature up to 16 fresh craft beers on tap. “This will be a place where people can come and enjoy a variety of fresh brewed craft beers in a relaxing environment. We want people to feel comfortable here.”, says CEO Mike LaCroix. With a maximum capacity of 5000 barrels per year, there will be no shortage of new ales, lagers, and seasonal beers to experience. To put that in perspective, 5000 barrels equates to roughly 1,240,000 pints. That’s a lot of beer. Distribution of bottles and kegs will initially focus on southern Colorado with Colorado Springs and Pueblo being the main target markets. Beer will also be distributed to bars, liquor stores, and restaurants throughout the central Colorado mountains from Eagle to Alamosa. Hubbub Brewing has also coordinated with the new Amicas on F restaurant in Salida to produce four flagship beers they will carry on tap.

Hubbub Brewing began when friends and brewing colleagues Mike LaCroix and Tom Price, previously of Amicas Pizza and Brewpub, joined forces with Scott Bouldin, founder of the brew house at Moonlight Pizza. The desire was to take what they had learned from their previous careers and grow it into a full service production facility.

Asked where the name Hubbub Brewing came from, Mike LaCroix explains, “ The word hubbub is an older term used to describe a happening taking place. Something people are talking about; an excitement.” Indeed, it’s a fitting name. Construction on the 6000 square foot space began around nine months ago with full renovation of an existing building, (originally a grocery store) located on Hwy 50. From the beginning, people around town were curious about the construction project along the highway. Rumours swirled and as the word got out, excitement grew.

Local community is a driving force behind the brewery. “We want to be the go to for non­profit fundraisers and community events in the Upper Arkansas Valley and encourage people to reach out to us for their beer needs and sponsorships. This generous community has given so much to us and now it’s time to give something back”, says Plant Manager Tom Price.

Plans include a huge tasting room that can accommodate around 100 people, a cozy outdoor beer garden, and a permanent custom food container providing a wide range of unique fresh food options operated by Amicas on F. Brewery tours will be offered by reservation and will showcase the brewing process followed by a sampling of popular beer styles. Tasting room hours will be from noon til 10:00 p.m. everyday.

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Introducing Hubbub Brewing


Salida Colorado’s newest brewery is coming soon. We’ve secured a great location on Hwy 50 between H and G streets in what was previously the Rent A Center building. This high visibility location with over 6000 square feet will allow us to produce a wonderful selection of craft beers for your enjoyment. Demolition and reconstruction is ongoing and progressing on schedule. Our tanks will arrive in April and we’ve just purchased our new to us bottling machine. Our first four beers will be an IPA, a Pale Ale, A Green Chili Ale, and a Pale Bock.

Check back with us periodically for more updates and progress reports. We’ll be brewing tasty beers soon!